About this Blog

This year marks the sesquicentennial (the 150th anniversary) of the beginning of the Civil War.  There will be many celebrations, many publications and much notice given to all things related to the Civil War in the next five years as our country celebrates one of its most significant moments.  It truly was a “best of times, worst of times” for our nation as we struggled with our identity and our union.

I plan to update this blog at least once each month, beginning in April 2011.  My goal is to trace my great-great grandfather’s progress through the Civil War, month-by-month.  Prior to April, I hope to post some background information and stories from the time leading up to the Civil War.  Until Governor Oliver P. Morton calls the Indiana troops up on April 15, the posts may be spotty.

A brief biography of my great-great grandfather, Lewis K. Harris, is available in the first post, Who is L.K. Harris?

If you have any questions or comments, you can email me at kevhar72@gmail.com or post a comment on this blog.

Thanks for reading!


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